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Company News (2003)

31.12.03: ZAO "INTER RAO UES" increases electricity exports to Georgia twofold during holiday season
29.12.03: Moscow Arbitration Court rules in favour of RAO "UES of Russia" in a lawsuit against Ekonimicheskaya Gazeta
26.12.03: RAO UES Board of Directors Holds its December Meeting
25.12.03: RAO UES Audit Committee holds its December meeting
24.12.03: Congratulation of the President of Russian Federation to Energy Workers of the Russian Federation
23.12.03: RAO "UES of Russia" Named Power Company of the Year
23.12.03: RAO UES Names Best Managerial Team at its Subsidiaries and Dependent Companies
22.12.03: Russia, CIS and Baltics Celebrate 83rd Energy Workers Day
18.12.03: RAO UES Puts into Pilot Operation Turbine Units No. 6 at Artemovskaya CHPP and No. 5 at Yuzhnokuzbasskaya TPP
16.12.03: RAO UES enterprises successfully working in 2003/2004 winter peak period
15.12.03: CEO of RAO UES Anatoly Chubais holds first meeting of Council for coordination of work to ensure systemic reliability of Unified Energy System of Russiamore
10.12.03: RAO "UES of Russia" Declared Company of the Year in Russian Fuel and Energy Industry
08.12.03: ZAO INTER RAO UES to Run ZAO "Razdanskaya TPP"
05.12.03: RAO UES Board Holds its Regular Meeting on 5 December 2003
04.12.03: Audit Committee Reviews RAO UES Audited Consolidated Financial Statement according to IFRS for H1 2003
04.12.03: RAO UES Says Declarations of Georgia's Officials that Electricity Tariffs will Remain Unchanged after 1 April 2004 Are Premature
02.12.03: Deputy CEO of RAO UES Andrey Rappoport Confirms that AES Corp. Earned $23m from Deal with RAO UES
01.12.03: Results of 1st Month of Trading in 5-15 Competitive Segment of the Wholesale Electricity Market
01.12.03: 5th General Meeting of EU-Russian Industrialists Roundtable Opens in Moscow
01.12.03: RAO UES CEO Anatoly Chubais to Take Part in Launch Ceremony at Second Generating Unit of Bureyskaya HPP on Saturday, 29 November
25.11.03: Russia's Anti-Monopoly Ministry Lauds RAO UES e-Procurement Practices 
24.11.03: Deputy Chairman of RAO UES Management Board Yakov Urinson Holds Regular Meeting of Electricity Reform Roundtable
24.11.03: RAO UES CEO Anatoly Chubais Sends Letter to Acting President of Georgia Nino Burdzhanadze
24.11.03: Telasi Electricity Distribution Co. Requests Georgia's Energy Regulators to Postpone Implementation of New Tariffs
21.11.03: RAO UES Representatives Take Part in 3rd All-Russian Environment Protection Congress
18.11.03: All Companies of RAO UES Holding Receive 2003/2004 Winter Readiness Passports by 15 November
17.11.03: Chairman of Russian Government Mikail Kasyanov, Chairman of RAO UES Management Board Anatoly Chubais Attend the Official Ceremony to Launch Second Generating Unit of 800 MW at Nizhnevartovskaya TPP
17.11.03: RAO UES CEO Anatoly Chubais, Kaluga Region Governor Anatoly Artamonov Put into Service Boiler Facilities in Kaluga Region
14.11.03: Chairman of Russian Government Mikail Kasyanov, RAO UES CEO Anatoly Chubais to Attend Start-Up Ceremony at Nizhnevartovskaya Power Plant 14 November
13.11.03: RAO UES Delegation Headed By Anatoly Chubais Flies to Brussels on 13 November

12.11.03: Cross-Border Power Transmission Line (PTL) "Ekibastuz-Barnaul" Put into Service

12.11.03: RAO UES Group Releases its Financials for H1 2003

05.11.03: Registration of Interregional Sectoral Association of Employers in the Energy Industry Completed

05.11.03: Power Plants of RAO UES Holding Generate 55.5 TWh of Electricity in October 2003
05.11.03: RAO UES Releases Financial Statements for the First 9 Months of 2003
31.10.03: Board of Directors of RAO "UES of Russia" holds its October meetingmore
30.10.03: Load Testing Started at Second Generator of Bureyskaya HPP
27.10.03: RAO UES Audit Committee Determines Procedure for Preparation and Approval of Company's Audited Financial Statements
24.10.03: RAO UES Delegation Headed by Anatoly Chubais to Visit Armenia on 22 October
24.10.03: Important Phase of Construction Completed at Zaramagskaya HPP in North Ossetia
21.10.03: Registration of Non-Profit Partnership "Innovations in Electricity Industry" ("NP "INVEL") Completed
21.10.03: Participants of EU-Russia Energy Dialogue Roundtable Adopt Joint Statement
15.10.03: RAO UES Task Force Discusses Progress in Preparations for Launch of 2nd Hydro Generator at Bureyskaya HPP
09.10.03: RAO UESR and E.ON AG have signed an Agreement on Cooperation in Electricity Industry
09.10.03: RAO UES Deputy CEO Dubinin Holds Conference Call on Construction of Generating Facilities
09.10.03: FGC Board of Directors Holds its Regular Meeting
04.10.03: RAO UES Companies Ready for 2003/2004 Winter
01.10.03: Russia's Ministry of Economic Development Lauds RAO UES e-Procurement Practices
26.09.03: RAO "UES of Russia" Board of Directors holds its September meeting
22.09.03: Russian Managers Association Releases Professional Reputation Rating, Confirms High Proficiency of RAO UES Top Managers
19.09.03: Audit Committee of RAO UES Board Holds its First Meeting
18.09.03: Kyrgyzstan Starts Electricity Supplies to Russia
18.09.03:   Armenian Government, ZAO "INTER RAO UES" Sign Agreement
17.09.03: RAO "UES of Russia" Preparing Energy Projects in NIS
16.09.03: Gas Turbine Unit at Ivanovskaya TPP Put into Pilot Operation

10.09.03: Latvian Ministry of Economy backs idea of broad feasibility study into integration of CIS and Baltics' grids with TESIS

05.09.03: Standard & Poor's Upgrades RAO "UES of Russia" Credit Rating
04.09.03: RAO "UES of Russia" Developing E-Trading System for Competitive Procurement of Goods and Services for Power Industry
01.09.03: Tbilisi Energy Distributor Telasi Co., RAO "UES of Russia" Solve Problem of Energy Supply
29.08.03: The Board of Directors of RAO "UES of Russia" held its meeting today
28.08.03: RAO "UES of Russia" announces its sales results for the first 7 months of 2003
28.08.03: Russia's Supreme Court confirms legality and soundness of current electricity tariffs for all Chitaenergo consumers
20.08.03: Statement of RAO UES concerning energy supply in Georgia
15.08.03: In Moscow Anatoly Chubais met with the Russian and foreign mass media
13.08.03: The Administration of Kursk is not taking any measures to pay off debts owed by municipal entities to "Kurskenergo"
11.08.03: RAO "UES of Russia" releases H1 interim financials (under RAS)
08.08.03: In H1 2003, RAO "UES of Russia" and its subsidiary, ZAO "Inter RAO UES", exported to 9,591.46 million kWh of electricity
05.08.03: 6 August, Chairman of the Management Board of RAO "UES of Russia" Anatoly Chubais and Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of OAO "UES FGC" Andrey Rappoport are flying to Georgia
01.08.03: Results of RAO UES Board of Directors meeting of 1 August 2003
31.07.03: RAO "UES of Russia" takes steps to improve energy payments discipline
31.07.03: Bureyskaya HPP generates 51m kWh of electricity in its first month of operation
24.07.03: A regular meeting of the Electricity Reform Roundtable was held on 23 July 2003

21.07.03: RAO UES increases power generation in H1 2003e

21.07.03: OAO UES SO-CDA Marks its First Anniversary
18.07.03: Andrey Trapeznikov's statement in connection with misinformation published in some media
09.07.03: Bureya HPP shall become the fundamental element of the Far East economy – Vladimir Putin
07.07.03: RAO "UES of Russia" publishes its Consolidated Financial Statements for the year ended 31 December 2002
01.07.03: RAO "UES of Russia" and Sumitomo Corporation (Japan) signed a Protocol of Cooperation in the construction of energy bridge between Russia and Japan
30.06.03: The first hydroelectric unit of Bureyskaya HPP is accepted into commissioning
28.06.03: Results of RAO UES Board of Directors meeting of 28 June 2003
25.06.03: Meeting of CIS Electric Power Council and EURELECTRIC Presidents held in Prague
25.06.03: Anatoly Chubais will take part in the meeting of CIS Electric Power Council in Bishkek
29.05.03: Registration of OAO "Russian Communal Systems" Completed
28.05.03: Testing of the first hydraulic turbine at Bureyskaya HPP is underway
23.05.03: The Board of Directors approved in principle the Draft Concept of the Company’s Strategy
23.05.03: RAO "UES of Russia" welcomes detailed feasibility study of synchronous interconnection of electricity systems of Russia and Europe to be launched by UCTE
22.05.03: Chairman of the Management Board of RAO “UES of Russia” Anatoly Chubais and Executive Chairman of the Board of Fortum Corporation Matti Vuoria are organizing a meeting of Co-Chairpersons of EU-Russian Manufacturers Roundtable
22.05.03: RAO "UES of Russia" statement on approval of Russia's Energy Strategy until 2020
22.05.03: Deputy Chairman of the Management Board asked to withdraw his nomination to the Board of Directors
29.04.03: UES Board approves the principles by which the Board members can perform transactions in the shares in RAO "UES of Russia"
29.04.03: As far as YABLOKO action of 29 April 2003 is concerned
28.04.03: Today, the Board of Directors of RAO "UES of Russia" resumed its meeting that started last Friday, 25 April
25.04.03: At the Board meeting held on 25 April, the Board of Directors of RAO "UES of Russia" discussed the matters concerning the preparation for the Annual General Meeting of shareholders
24.04.03: RAO UES pays 1st coupon on its Series R2 bonds
24.04.03: RAO UES tax payments increase 61% from 2001
10.04.03: BALTREL Committee meeting held in Moscow
09.04.03: RAO UES Group Releases Interim Consolidated Financials for the first 9 months of 2002
08.04.03: RAO UES Board discusses strategic framework, invites comments from shareholders
03.04.03: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Considers Investing into the Russian Energy Sector
02.04.03: Functions of dispatching the regional energy systems transferred from regional energos to branches of OAO "UES SO-CDA"
02.04.03: Deputy CEO of RAO "UES of Russia" Vyacheslav Sinyugin meets Valentina Matviyenko, Presidential Plenipotentiary in the North-West of Russia
28.03.03: Results of RAO UES Board of Directors meeting of 28 March 2003
25.03.03: RAO UES, E.ON Energie to continue cooperation in the Russian power sector
24.03.03: RAO UES increases power generation in the first twenty days of March to 36 bn kWh

24.03.03: RAO UES faces growing consumer indebtedness

18.03.03: CEO of RAO UES to visit Amurskaya Oblast
14.03.03: RAO UES launches 330-kV interconnection line in Chechnya, continues restoration of power supply
13.03.03: RAO UES to upgrade boiler at Beryozovskaya CPP-1
06.03.03: RAO UES Board approves agenda for Annual General Meeting
03.03.03: UES of Russia increases power generation in February
28.02.03: Results of RAO UES Board of Directors meeting on 28 February 2003
27.02.03: US, Russia Hold Electricity Markets Conference in Washington
13.02.03: A.Trapeznikov: There is a real opportunity to restrain growth of heat and electricity tariffs
11.02.03: Russian Government approves RAO UES investment program for 2003
04.02.03: Corporate website of Bureyskaya HPP open
03.02.03: RAO UES power plants generate 64.09 bn kWh in January 2003
31.01.03: Anatoly Chubais: There is every chance that Duma will approve second reading of the power reform laws in February
31.01.03: RAO UES audit tender commission holds its meeting
31.01.03: Results of RAO UES Board of Directors meeting on 31 January 2003
24.01.03: Commenting upon the Protocol of the Russian-Bulgarian Intergovernment Commission for energy co-operation signed earlier today, member of the Management Board of RAO "UES of Russia" Andrei Trapeznikov noted
21.01.03: Anatoly Chubais meets Ulyanovsk Governor Vladimir Shamanov and OAO "SMUEK" CEO Vladimir Avetisyan
16.01.03: RAO "UES of Russia" introduces accounting system based on Oracle E-Business Suite
16.01.03: UES of Russia operates successfully despite severe frosts in January
13.01.03: In the 2002-2003 autumn-winter peak load the Unified Energy System of Russia is functioning stably and without fail