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FSFM of Russia Registers Placement Reports on Additional Share Issues Filed by "TGC-10", "SGC-TGC-8", and "RusHydro"

Moscow. 28 July 2008. The Federal Service for Financial Markets of Russia granted registration to the reports on placement of additional ordinary shares OF OAO "TGC-10" (exchanged for shares in OAO "TGC-10 Holding"), OAO "SGC-TGC-8" (exchanged for shares in OAO "TGC-8 Holding" merged with and into OAO "SGC TGC-8"), and OAO "RusHydro" (exchanged for shares in OAO "State Holding HydroWGC" merged with and into OAO "HydroWGC").

These additional share issues were part of the technical issues of additional shares by the companies comprising the intended sector structure during the merger of the respective holding companies spun off from RAO "UES of Russia" during the final phase of the Company's reorganization. The technical issue shares held by any RAO UES shareholder in each company comprising the intended sector structure will not exceed 3 percent.

Under applicable laws, shareholders will be entitled to dispose of all their shares in OAO "TGC-10" (beginning on 18 July 2008), OAO "SGC TGC-8" (beginning on 22 July 2008), and OAO "RusHydro" (beginning on 24 July 2008) which they receive in exchange for their shares in RAO "UES of Russia" as a result of the Company's reorganization.


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