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RAO UES Successfully Completes Testing of New Generation Unit Designed to Supply Power to Remote Areas of Russia

Moscow. 27 June 2008. RAO "UES of Russia" has completed field testing of the pilot multifunctional electrical generation system comprising diesel and wind power units. The system is designed to generate electricity in the remote areas of the Far North and Far East of Russia where electricity price is usually higher due to the high cost of fuel brought to the areas.

The wind power plant is characterized by irregular pattern of electricity generation. To ensure high-quality and uninterrupted power supply, the project provides that the wind power plant is to be supplemented with a diesel generator and back-up power sources. Switching between these generators will be effected with an automated control system. Wind will be the principal source of power for this project, and the diesel generator will be switched on when the wind is not strong enough. Such power plants are much needed by the areas of the Russian Far North. According to the tests, they may save at least 40 percent of fuel, and the discounted payback period is estimated at three to five years.

The tests were attended by officials of the Sakhalin Region Administration who are interested in this innovation solution which can be used to implement Regional Energy Development Programs.

Future success depends on the domestic power equipment manufacturers, primarily manufacturers of wind power units, variable speed generators, frequency translators, and data control systems for power systems. Cooperation with the Baranchinsky Electromechanical Plant based in the Sverdlovsk Region, which has joined the project, will help successfully accomplish this task.

The project is implemented by a Consortium of Multifunctional Energy Complexes (MECs) led by ZAO "NPC Maloy Energetiki". The Consortium was also acceded by the Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), OAO "Yakutskenergo", and OAO "Sakhaenergo". The further development of functionality of the new power system will be handled by the Not-for-profit partnership "All-Russia Scientific-Research Heat Engineering Institute".


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