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RAO ES of the East Shares Included on RTS Board

Moscow, 26 August 2008. The issue of ordinary shares of OAO "RAO ES of the East" (41,041,753,984 shares, RUB0.5 par value each, state registration number of the issue: 1-01-55384-Е), have been included in the RTS Board System. The ordinary shares were assigned the VRAO ticker.

The issue of preferred shares of OAO "RAO ES of the East" (2,075,149,384 shares of RUB0.5 par value, state registration number of the issue: 2-01-55384-Е), have been included in the RTS Board. The preferred shares were assigned the VRAOP ticker.

In November and December 2008, OAO "RAO ES of the East" plans to obtain a listing on Russia's major stock exchanges.

OAO "RAO ES of the East" is an open joint stock company spun off from RAO "UES of Russia". The company was formed through consolidation of the energy companies unbundled by line of business – OAO "Far Eastern Energy Company", OAO "Far Eastern Generation Company", OAO "Far Eastern Distribution Company", OAO "FEEMC", Far Eastern isolated regional energos – OAO "Sakhalinenergo". OAO "Kamchatskenergo", OAO "Magadanenergo", OAO "Yakutskenergo", and other assets transferred by RAO UES of Russia (including its controlling stake in OAO "Mosenbergosbyt").


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