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China's Power Engineering Companies Guarantees Timely Delivery of Equipment

Moscow. 26 June 2008. RAO "UES of Russia" received a formal statement from the management of Amur Sirius Power Equipment Corporation confirming the Chinese corporation's commitment to timely delivery of equipment for the new power units to be installed at the Troitskaya TPP of WGC-2.

Amur Sirius Power Equipment Corp. informed RAO UES that Harbin Boiler Plant, Harbin Turbine Plant, and Harbin Generator Plant have already started manufacturing the equipment for the Troitskaya TPP. The manufacturers state that they will deliver the power equipment for the two new 660 MW units at the Troitskaya TPP according to the schedule.

According to the Chinese corporation, the facilities of the Harbin power engineering plants were not damaged by the May earthquake in the Sichuan province. The work to manufacture the equipment for the Russian power plant is proceeding according to schedule which makes it possible to meet the agreed delivery dates. The contract to supply equipment for the Troitskaya TPP is the Chinese corporation's priority project which is under the strict control of the management.

Thus, the information about a delay in production and supply of the equipment as a result of the earthquake reported in the Vedomosti newspaper is not true.


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