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RAO UES Presents its CSR and Corporate Sustainability Report for 2006-2007 for Public Discussion

Moscow, 14 April 2008. RAO "UES of Russia" has presented its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Corporate Sustainability Report for 2006-2007 for public discussion.

The report presents the key aspects of the social, economic and environmental activities of the RAO UES companies. Special attention is given to the social impact of the completion of the electricity sector reform, the mechanisms for attracting investment in the country, and construction of new energy facilities from a perspective of public interests.

The public hearings hosted by RAO "UES of Russia" were attended by representatives of the major Russian and international energy companies, energy-related ministries and agencies, investment community, independent environmental organizations, and consumer protection organizations. The key issue discussed was ensuring continuity of the principles of socially responsible business in a post-reform environment.

After the opening speech made by Chairman of the Management Board of RAO "UES of Russia" Anatoly Chubais, representatives of consumer protection and environment protection organizations, and members of investment community. Chairman of Management Board of the International Confederation of Consumer Protection Associations Dmitry Yanin, Vice President of the Opora Rossii Association Alexey Kozhevnikov, Co-Chairman of the Social and Ecological Union Igor Shkradyuk, Head of the Independent Environmental Rating Agency ("NERA") Alexander Martynov, and Director of Standard and Poor's Corporate Governance Ratings Services Svetlana Borodina made their comments and suggestions.

The report will be revised to reflect the stakeholders' comments and will then be posted on the Company's website.

The event participants expressed their confidence that CSR reporting will be continued in the new energy companies during the post-reform period, which the Parent Company, RAO "UES of Russia", has endeavoured to ensure. This is proven by 17 CSR reports published by SDCs of RAO "UES of Russia" which played a major role in developing relationships with investors and attracting private investors in the Russian electricity industry.


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