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RAO UES Generation Up 7.8% in Two Months of 2008

Moscow, 4 March 2008. According to the operational data, the power plants of RAO "UES of Russia" have increased generation of electricity in January-February 2008 by 7.8% year-on-year to 139.9 billion kWh from 129.8 billion kWh.

During the year to date period, energy consumption across Russia amounted to 191.8 billion kWh, up 6.5 percent yoy.

The hydrological situation of the reservoirs of the key HPPs was unfavourable, so the growing electricity demand in Siberia was met by the thermal power plants of RAO UES. Over the two months, the CHPP generation has increased by 12.5 percent.

In February 2008, the power plants of RAO "UES of Russia" increased generation by 6.2 percent. In February 2008, the average ambient air temperatures were 5.7 degrees above the norm, with the country's electricity consumption growing by 4.7 percent.

As before, the most rapid growth in electricity use in February was observed in the Khakassia (30.1 percent), Chechnya (19 percent), Krasnodar (14.1 percent), and Astrakhan (13.3 percent) Energy Systems.


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